What’s it all about?

Bonjour Everyone !

It’s about my 300 mile (Non! 480 kms!) ride on a bike through France, in aid of Cancer Research UK to raise funds for their massively important work.

Click on ‘Posts’ to follow my encounters as I cycle around the Drôme Provençale       in search of the shortest distance between two cafés.

And if this inspires you to contribute to the cause, then please follow the link


But for now, welcome to my Cycle Log, which if you agree, we will henceforth call a Clog and myself a Clogger.

Let’s also agree that it will be a Lycra-free Zone, except perhaps for the odd posse of very thin men going very fast up ridiculously steep bits, who may occasionally overtake me.

A Clog, I think, smacks more of Gauloises, straw and berets; of goats and sheep and cheeses; of a pace of life that pre-dates Nike and Prêt À Manger. And so it shall be. There is nothing in the Rules to say I may not get off my bike between any of my 300 Miles, or whenever time seems ready to stand still.



A bientôt mes amis!


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To donate to Cancer Research, please click on ‘My Cancer Research Page‘ above. It will take you to a secure Cancer Research donation page and will allow you to say if Gift Aid can be claimed on your donation.