Clog 1 – Phoney Ride

First steps

It seemed like a good idea to take a few lessons before getting into the training. Since we’re heading for the Drôme in France, what could be more appropriate than the Velodrome in London?

Train to Waterloo, then a long walk along the south bank of the Thames to London Bridge. The River Bus to the O2 Arena then the Emirates cable car for a flight across the river.


Next, the Jubilee Line extension to the Olympic Park and finally a jog through the Park to the breathtaking ‘drome.



But then – bitter disappointment! They wouldn’t let me join the class, even though I’d taken off my stabilisers.


Next time I will remember to take my helmet!

All this going up to London stuff can fair knock it out of you. Our Dorset poet William Barnes knew all about that that!

Next Clog – what’s this Frenchy Drôme you’re going to, then?

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